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National Health Expenditures 2016 Highlights –

U.S. health care spending increased 4.3 percent to reach $3.3 trillion, or $10,348
per person in 2016. Health care spending growth decelerated in 2016 after the
initial impacts of ACA coverage expansions and strong retail prescription drug
spending growth in 2014 and 2015. The overall share of gross domestic.

Medical Devices – International Trade Administration

2016 Top Markets Report. Medical Devices. A Market Assessment Tool for U.S.
Exporters. U.S. Department of Commerce | International Trade Administration |
Industry & Analysis (I&A). May 2016 …

Medical Devices – International Trade Administration

industries is critical to the future of the U.S. economy, which is why medical
technology is a. National Export Initiative priority. Despite uncertain economic
conditions in key markets around the world, large and small players in the U.S.
medical device industry show adaptability and tenacity, and companies are
optimistic about.

Healthcare: Millions of jobs now and in the future – Bureau of Labor …

Job settings. For purposes of this article, healthcare jobs are grouped into five
detailed industries: hos- pitals, offices of health practitioners, nursing and
residential care facilities, home healthcare services, and outpatient, laboratory,
and other ambulatory care services. In 2013, there were more than 15.8 mil- lion
jobs in …

The Aging Workforce: Challenges for the Health Care Industry

Mar 1, 2013 The aging of the U.S. population has tremendous implications for the health care
industry, both as employers of an older workforce and as providers of services to
a growing number of older patients. To explore issues relating to the aging health
care workforce, the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of …

Health Care in America – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Chart 4: Selected major Federal policy initiatives affecting health care utilization .
…. Chart 17: Mean duration of medical encounters for physician office visits and
hospital stays: United States, 1990–2000 . ….. The health care delivery system of
today has undergone tremendous change, even over the relatively short period
of …

1 FACT SHEET Commitments from health care industry to make …

1. FACT SHEET. Commitments from health care industry to make electronic
health records work better for patients and providers. U.S. Department of Health
and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell announced today that
companies that provide 90 percent of electronic health records used by hospitals

Health Care Employment Projections –

This report, prepared by the Center for Health Workforce Studies (the Center),
provides a summary of labor projections for the period 2010 through 2020 for
health care settings and health care occupations. The report is designed to
provide information about projected trends to help health industry, educators,
policy makers, …

Workplace Violence in Healthcare: Understanding the … – OSHA

Healthcare workers are at an increased risk for workplace violence. From. 2002
to 2013, incidents of serious workplace violence (those requiring days off for the
injured worker to recuperate) were four times more common in healthcare than in
private industry on average. In 2013, the broad “healthcare and social assistance

Antitrust Laws and Their Effects on Healthcare Providers,Insurers …

. DECEMBER 1, 2010. Mr. Chairman and members of the Subcommittee, I am
pleased to speak to you today about the importance of antitrust enforcement and
competition policy in health care. Our health care system is undergoing
significant …

"Cybersecurity & the Healthcare Industry: The FTC's Tools for …

Cybersecurity & the Healthcare Industry: The FTC's Tools for Tackling New
Threats. Thomas Pahl. Acting Director, Bureau of Consumer Protection, FTC.
University of Maryland Medical Systems. Board Cybersecurity Retreat. March 29,
2017. Good morning. I'm delighted to be here to kick off today's event by
discussing the.

BALDRIGE in Health Care: Performance Excellence Delivers World …

today's rapidly changing health care marketplace with ever-increasing
challenges, being results-focused is essential. … and health care industry leaders
. Baldrige Award recipients focus on improving health care outcomes and
delivering the highest quality health care service. Award recipients have
demonstrated how an.

Eliminating Waste in US Health Care – Christiana Care

Mar 14, 2012 competitiveness of US industry. Al- though Medicare and Medicaid are of- ten in
the … dustries today, ie, to keep processes, products, and services that actually
help customers … ( The need is urgent to bring US
health care costs into a sustainable range for both public and private …

An overview of the medical device industry – Medicare Payment …

207. Report to the Congress: Medicare and the Health Care Delivery System |
June 2017. An overview of the medical device industry. C H A P T E R 7. Chapter
summary. Because Medicare does not pay directly for medical devices, the
Commission has not historically studied medical devices in depth in its
evaluation of.

Private Health Insurance in the United States: An … – Social Security

covered by payroll deduction medical service plans of one type or another.?
Similar medical care prepayment arrangements were developed by various
concerns or employee benefit associations in the textile, steel, and other
industries. In the 1920's a number of private group medical clinics-such as the
Ross-Loos plan.

Medicare Influence on Private Insurance: Good or Ill?

Private insurance practice today, ironi- cally, is rapidly moving away … The
George Washington University or the Health Care Financ- ….. industry. The
development of DRGs and. RBRVS has reversed some of these trends, but not
all. Doubtless this expansion has improved access to services for millions of
beneficiaries and …

section 3: china's healthcare industry, drug safety, and market …

China's Position in the Global Drug Industry. U.S. reliance on foreign medical
products has increased substan- tially in the 21st century. The number of drugs
from foreign sources for sale in the U.S. market doubled between 2001 and. 2008
, and today represents 40 percent of the market. Import reli- ance is even starker
for …

PHarmaceutical Industry – Energy Star

opportunities to reduce production costs without negatively affecting the yield or
the quality of their finished products. The volatility of energy prices in today's
marketplace can also negatively affect predictable earnings. This is a concern
particularly for publicly-traded companies in the pharmaceutical industry. The
challenge …