Medical-Malpractice Costs by State

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Medical-Malpractice Costs by State

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2016 Medical Malpractice Annual Report – Washington State Office …

Sep 1, 2016 annual reports summarizing the data in 2010. This is the seventh annual report. It
includes a snapshot of the medical malpractice marketplace and summary closed
claim and settlement data. This report has three sections: 1. The current condition
of the medical professional liability insurance market. 2.

Medical Malpractice Insurance Claims in Seven States, 2000-2004

By Thomas H. Cohen, Ph.D. Kristen A. Hughes, MPA. Bureau of Justice Statistics.
Insurance companies in Florida, Illinois, Maine, Massachu- setts, Missouri,
Nevada, and Texas reported information on about 43,000 closed medical
malpractice insurance claims between 2000 and 2004. In these states licensed

Physician Medical Malpractice –

limit physician costs under Medicare raise a concern about how malpractice
costs can be controUed. This paper presents an oveJView of the problem,
reviews options that are available to policymakers, and discusses State and
legislative efforts to address the issue. Introduction. Medical malpractice costs are
an important …

Limiting Tort Liability for Medical Malpractice – Congressional …

Jan 8, 2004 tort liability issues are better addressed at the federal or the state level, see …
Trends in Premiums for Physicians' Medical Malpractice Insurance, by Type of.
Physician … all physicians) and from annual premium surveys conducted by
Medical Liability Monitor newsletter (data for physicians by specialty).

Medical Malpractice Premiums in NYS and Elsewhere in US

Because much attention is focused on the topic of medical malpractice costs, we
wanted to know and to share the basics with our communities: 1. How much does
medical malpractice coverage cost? 2. Does it vary within the state? If so, by how
much? 3. What does it cost in other states? 4. Is there a definitive study that …

2014 Connecticut Medical Malpractice Analysis Report –

State of Connecticut. Insurance Department. Commissioner Thomas B. Leonardi.
P.O. Box 816. 153 Market Street. Hartford, CT 06142-0816. (860) 297-3801 www. Connecticut Medical Malpractice. Annual Report. May 2014 …

2015 CT Medical Malpractice Report for the business of 2014 –

May 11, 2015 State of Connecticut. Insurance Department. Commissioner Katharine L. Wade.
P.O. Box 816. 153 Market Street. Hartford, CT 06142-0816. (860) 297-3801 www. Connecticut Medical Malpractice. Annual Report. May 2015 …

Notice to Writers of Medical Malpractice Insurance – Virginia State

To: All Companies Writing Medical Malpractice Insurance in Virginia. Re: Annual
Reminder of Closed Claim Reports Required Pursuant to Virginia. Code § 38.2-
2228.2. Please be reminded that all medical malpractice claims settled or
adjudicated to final judgment against a person, corporation, firm, or entity
providing …

Medical Malpractice Report Insurers with 5% Market Share …

Rising cost and availability of reinsurance;. ➢ Varying success of tort reform
packages in multiple states (e.g., constitutionality, ability to pass reforms); and. ➢
Declining investment returns. As this report will show, West Virginia's medical
malpractice insurance results have displayed continuous improvement compared
to that …

order no. a05-122 state of new jersey department of banking and …

FUND – PREMIUM SUBSIDY. ) This matter relates to the determination of
eligibility for receipt of a premium subsidy from the Medical Malpractice Liability
Insurance Premium Assistance Fund (the “Fund”) in accordance with N.J.S.A. 17:
30D-30a(2) and N.J.A.C. 11:27-7.5. Background. The New Jersey Medical Care
Access …


INSURANCE. Medical Malpractice Insurance – Mandatory Deductibles.
Proposed New … malpractice liability insurance crisis in this State. The crisis …
New Jersey's heath care system, and tightening the regulation of medical
malpractice insurers.

Report on Malpractice Insurance for Volunteer Physicians, Pursuant …

Appendix 1: State Licensure and Liability Policies for Volunteer Physicians;.
American Medical Association Publication, 2007. State. Volunteer/Limited
License. Offered. Liability Laws for Volunteer …… medical malpractice insurance
as determined by the department, if the free clinic has registered with the
department …


INSURANCE. Medical Malpractice Insurance – General Provisions; Optional
Policy Provision – Right to. Settle. Proposed New … insurance policies made,
issued or delivered in this State in accordance with applicable law may contain a
provision …


increased the cost of medical malpractice insurance. The effect of … health care
providers while limiting that time to a specific period for which professional
liability insurance premiums can be …. (30) "Practitioner of obstetrics" means a
person licensed to practice as a physician in this state under Title 58, Chapter 67,

financial responsibility – Florida Board of Medicine

STATE: ZIP: NOTE: Mailing addresses are not published on the internet.
Financial Responsibility options are divided into two categories, coverage and
exemptions. Choose only one option of … I have elected not to carry medical
malpractice insurance, however, I agree to satisfy any adverse judgments up to
the minimum …

Georgia Board for Physician Workforce Medical Liability & Tort …

3. How has the environment changed since passage of SB 3? • Cost of premiums
decreased after passage of SB 3 – Yes. ▫ Georgia adheres to the “File and Use”
approach to regulating medical malpractice insurance. This approach requires
that insurers notify the state of rates at least 45 days prior to their use, but does

DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE Indiana Administrative … –

Medical Malpractice Insurance. 760 IAC 1-21-1 … (9) "Independent ancillary
provider" means an ancillary provider that holds a state-issued license to provide
health care and functions in … (18) "PCF certificate of insurance" means the form
prescribed by the department to show proof of financial responsibility as required
by …

2012 Medical Malpractice Insurance Report –

16 Average Claim Costs. 19. Premiums Compared to Those of Other States. 20
Recent Medical Malpractice Reforms. 20 Conclusion. 22 Appendix A-1: Medical
Malpractice Insurance Companies. 23 Appendix A-2: Medical Malpractice
Surplus Lines Carriers. 24 Appendix A-3: Medical Malpractice Risk Retention
Groups …