Medical Wild Plants

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Medical Wild Plants

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Sassafras (Sassafras albidum) Plant Guide – USDA Plants

many Native American tribes including the. Cherokee, Chippewa, Choctaw,
Creek, Delaware,. Oklahoma, Houma, Iroquois, Koasati, Mohegan,. Nanticoke,
Rappahannock, and Seminole. The medicinal uses of sassafras by Native
Americans were many. Infusions made from the bark of the roots were taken
internally as a …

wild bergamot – USDA Plants

Use. Ethnobotanic: The Tewa Indians because of the flavor it imparted cooked
Wild bergamot with meat. The Iroquois used the plant in the making of a
beverage. The plant has a wide variety of medicinal uses. The Ojibwe put a wad
of chewed leaves of this plant into their nostrils to relieve headache. The tops of
the plant …

Plant Guide – USDA PLANTS

Plant Fact Sheet/Guide Coordination Page <
intranet/pfs.html> … Ethnobotanic: Tarragon had a wide array of medicinal
PLANTS. Description. General: Sunflower Family (Asteraceae). Tarragon is a
native perennial herb (5-15 dm tall). The stems form clusters and are reddish in

wild quinine – USDA PLANTS

Uses. Ethnobotanic: The Catawba and other tribes in the southeastern United
States used wild quinine for medicinal and veterinary purposes. The leaves
contain tannin, which is thought to be beneficial for treating burns. The leaves
were mashed into a moist, thick paste, which was then applied as a poultice to

American licorice – USDA PLANTS

Uses. Grazing/Rangeland: Forage analysis indicates that. American licorice
produces highly digestible and nutritious forage which compares favorably with
alfalfa. Forage of juvenile licorice is greedily eaten by cattle. Close grazing will
eliminate American licorice from a stand by the time the pasture is considered to
be in …

Plant Guide – USDA Plants

GROUNDNUT. Apios americana Medik. Plant Symbol = APAM. Contributed By:
USDA NRCS National Plant Data. Center. Alternative Names. Groundnut, wild
from native plant nurseries within its range. References. Andros, F. 1883. The
medicine and surgery of the. Winnebago and Dakota Indians. American Medical.


Prunus americana Marsh. Plant Symbol = PRAM. Contributed by: USDA NRCS
National Plant Data. Center & Missouri State Office. Alternative Names. American
plum, American wild plum, sandhill plum,. Osage plum, river plum, sand cherry,
thorn plum, wild yellow plum, red plum, August plum, goose plum, hog plum, and

Guideline for the Ethical and Sustainable Harvesting of Wild Plants

Wild plants are harvested for food, medicine, dyes and general well being.
Harvesting can be done in a sustainable way to ensure the continued viability of
those plant populations. Wild plants can be harvested for personal use on the
San Juan. National Forest. Small amounts of botanical products such as berries,
leaves, …

Traditional Uses of Wild Plants in the East … – Bernalillo County

1. Traditional Uses of Wild. Plants in the East Mountains. A mini-guide to
traditional use of wild plants as food and medicine near. Ojito de San Antonio.
Bernalillo County Open Space. Text and photographs by Master Naturalist Becky
Schnelker …

benefits of prairie grasses and wildflowers – North Dakota Game and …

important food source for small mammals and insects, which in turn support
larger wild– life species. From a human standpoint, … to find prairie plants in
North Dakota are federal grassland refuges, state-owned land, railway right-of-
ways, ditches, old …… facts: Most important plant to the. Plains Indians as a
herbal medicine.

SPRING WILDFLOWERS OF OHIO field guide – ODNR Division of …

medicinal properties have been attributed to Bloodroot, including treatments for …
west, boreal north, Appalachian east, and the Ohio River. Valley on the south.
Our varied geography means great plant diversity. About 1,800 species of native
native plants would not match most people's idea of a wildflower. Grasses …


of Madhya Pradesh. Valuable information about the medicinal use of certain wild
species against various diseases amongst tribal women are obtained by
personal interviews. Some species are being used by them against various
veneral diseases. Different plant parts of few species are also used by them for
antifertility …

Native Plants for Southeast Virginia – Virginia DEQ

This regional native plant guide was produced as part of a coast-wide regional
native plant marketing initiative … Southeast Virginia native plants provide visual
beauty year round. Unique flowers, vibrant fall colors of leaves and stems, fruit
shapes and colors, bark textures, are all reasons …… medicinal applicafions. 8 in.

An Annotated Bibliography of Identification and Natural History

An ongoing work of major proportions these volumes contain the latest
information about plant species across the United … A manual for the
Identification of Native and Naturalized Higher Vascular Plants of …. contains
information on identifying characteristics, general habitat, use as a food and
medicine, and poisonous.

wetland program plan for the saint regis mohawk indian … – EPA

Reservation. Wetlands have provided medicinal plants, plants used in crafts, and
edible food sources for the people of … Wetland plants such as wild rice, berries,
cattails, and wild mushrooms are some examples of … plants important to the
Mohawk people who practice medicine; 2) the preservation of wetland plants for.
1 …

Periwinkle –

Native plants. • Perennial gardens. • Wildlife. • Lakes and rivers. • Human health.
• Farmland. Origin: Vinca minor is a native from southern. Switzerland southward
around much of the. Mediterranean basin, from Portugal to Turkey, and across
much of north Africa. It has been introduced in the United States as a medicinal …

Native Plants – Delaware Nursery & Landscape Association

Apr 15, 2010 How Business is Committed to Selling/Producing Native PlantsNative Plant
Area. Ayton State Tree Nursery. 3424 Gallagher Road. 800-873-3763 – T www. X We produce over 3 million native tree ….. specializing in
native and medicinal herbs, sell plants, seeds, fresh/dried plant.

Diversity, Distribution, Indigenous Uses and Conservation of the …

KEYWORDS Indian Himalayan Region. Cancer. Diversity. Native. Indigenous
Uses. Chemical Composition. ABSTRACT Indian Himalayan Region is very well
known for the medicinal plant wealth. The representative, natural and unique
medicinal plants are used for curing various diseases/ailments including cancer
and …