Medical Word Crosswords

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Medical Word Crosswords

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Crossword puzzles – American English

knowledge of English in solving the various vocabulary or grammatical questions
posed in the puzzle. After students have completed the puzzle (in class or as …. 5
. Make a mistake; stray (“To _____ is human; to forgive, divine.”) 6. Abbreviation
for Maryland or doctor of medicine. 8. A beam of light radiating from a bright.

Immunize Activity Book – North Dakota Department of Health

Medical Examiner. 701.328.2378. 701.328.6138. 701.328.2499 (fax). 701.328.
6145 (fax). DIVISION OF DISEASE CONTROL. 2635 East Main Avenue. P.O. Box
… because of medical reasons, such as children with leukemia. Parents and …
Using the list of words below, find and circle each word in the puzzle. Words can
be …


CAREER CROSSWORD PUZZLE. Read the clue at the bottom to figure out the
career that matches each description, and fill in the answers on the puzzle!
ACROSS. 5 Designs buildings. 7 Fixes cars. 9 Enforces the laws and keeps you
safe. 12 Helps you buy a house. 13 Puts out fires. 14 Cooks meals at a restaurant

Heat Illness Crossword Puzzle

9. This happens when your body becomes too hot and is unable to regulate its
own temperature. (2 Words). Down. 1. The process of slowly becoming used to
changes in climate or the environment. 2. A type of heat illness that is considered
to be a "medical emergency." (2 Words). 3. This common type of heat illness

ellis island word search

Ellis Island. Word Search. There are 31 words hidden in this puzzle which
represent people, places, things, and concepts related to Ellis Island and
immigration. If you need help, refer to the fill in the blank phrases on the reverse

Health and Safety: The Puzzle – OSHA

Health and Safety: The Puzzle. Train the Trainers. NDLON. This material was
produced under Grant #SH20854SHO from the Occupational Safety and Health.
Administration, U.S. Department of Labor. It does not necessarily reflect the views
or policies of the. U.S. Department of Labor, nor does mention of trade names, …

Lesson Plan: Health Insurance – Missouri Department of Insurance

Students will have completed health insurance vocabulary assignments found in
most textbooks. Activities: The teacher will present an example of … offer
coverage similar to that of a major medical policy. These policies have co-
payment obligations ….. Teen Insurance Crossword Puzzle. ❑ Teen Insurance
Word Search.

Nutrition Label Word Search – FDA

All of the words hidden below can be found on food packages. Some are on the
Nutrition Facts Label; others are on the ingredient list. Find them here first … then
be sure to use them to compare foods when making nutritional choices! calcium
calories carbohydrate cholesterol facts fiber ingredients label minerals nutrients.

Regulations Part 785: Hours Worked – United States Department of …

Adjusting Grievances, Medical Attention, Civic and. Charitable Work, and
Suggestion Systems. § 785.42 … the Fair Labor Standards Act contains a partial
definition of “hours worked” in the form of a limited exception …. A stenographer
who reads a book while waiting for dictation, a messenger who works a
crossword puzzle.

cover severe wx –

BOTTOM TO SPELL OUT THE MESSAGE. ….. Paper, pencils, needles & thread,
small A-B-C-type fire extinguisher, medicine dropper, whistle, duct tape,
emergency …

Fort Macon State Park – State of North Carolina

May 21, 1994 medical needs should be noted. A parental …. discuss barrier islands, the forces
creating them and dynamics affecting them. A crossword puzzle is included to
emphasize vocabulary words. Major Concepts: …. Use the following vocabulary
words to complete the crossword puzzle clues. ACROSS. 3. Fossils …

Workplace Safety Training

M L G W O L B O B R O O M. R A A T D A U I U X A P S.
A W O P R W C H C R I N O. D N R F O R K L I F T R H.
R M Y K O U E B S E J F U. L O C K O U T T A G O U T. V W I P S C D I N T E N T.
H E D A L R I P A L L I B. O R L R C A T V E I W T E. Find and circle the words
beneath the pictures. Equipment and Machine Safety.

Florida Senate P age P rogram – The Florida Senate

The Florida Legislature, which is divided into two houses, the Senate and the
House of Representatives, makes laws that govern our state. Members of the
legislature, senators and representatives, are chosen by the citizens of Florida to
represent them and the area where they live. These areas are called districts.
Senators …

Curriculum – Teacher's Guide 8-20-09 – FloridaHATS

Diane Straub, MD, MPH, University of South Florida College of Medicine …..
Lesson 3: What should I do in a medical emergency? ………………………………
151 … Standard components for Units 1-7 are: • Learning objectives. • What do
you know? • Words to know. • Lesson. • Related lesson activity. • Crossword

A Disaster Preparedness Activity Book –

WORDS TO KNOW. Some words about disasters may be new to you. What are
these words? What do they mean? Bright Shinely made a list of words to help
you learn about disasters. Aftershock: An aftershock is a …. 4. Medicine and
Supplies for your First Aid kit: ….. Complete the crossword puzzle below. When
you do, you …

Kansas Register – Kansas Secretary of State

Jan 9, 2014 dress: University of Kansas Medical Center, Purchasing De- partment, Mail …..
word puzzle grid. (d) The ticket numbers in each book of tickets in this game shall
start with 000 and end with 149. (e) The price of instant tickets sold by a retailer
for this … used an unlimited number of times in the crossword puz-.

Teacher's Guide – Nevada National Security Site

many radioacve isotopes are used in medicine and every day forms of
technology. …. (2 words). 24. Equipment used to dig wells (2 words). 25.
Contaminated items packaged and placed for permanent burial. Use the clues
and solve the puzzle!

Radiation Therapy and You – National Cancer Institute

Product or brand names that appear in this booklet are for example only. The
U.S.. Government ….. to work. Talk with your employer to find out if you can go on
medical leave. Make sure that your health insurance will pay for treatment while
you are on medical leave. ….. as a book or magazine, crossword puzzles, or